Dear reader,

This blog was born out of a desire to share things I’ve learned as I reflect on moments and experiences in my life.

It all started with these two posts where I shared about my life as a former cigarette smoker and how I came to quit the habit.

The blog then morphed into a space for me to meditate on the writing life as I worked to hone my craft as an aspiring fiction author.

As time went on the blog continued to evolve into a creative outlet for me to share thoughts in poem form, reflections on experiences, and pieces that I essentially consider pep talks to myself.

Who am I?

I’m a thirty-something writer trying to find wisdom and perspective in the folds of the everyday, in the pages of books and other art forms, and in those moments in life that challenge you or inspire awe (or in some cases both at the same time, like the experience of becoming a mother).

I hope you’ll read something here that inspires a new perspective, reminds you you’re not alone, or at least entertains you.

Why am I mad?

Because it takes a little dose of madness to pursue creativity to its fullest potential. There is an obsession associated with trying to create something out of nothing, or to understand what doesn’t seem to make sense. There will be roadblocks along the route of your pursuits, and these roadblocks too will make you mad. Basically, madness in life abounds, and it can lead to demise… but, if you learn to understand it and harness it to your advantage, it can also lead to joy, perspective, and wisdom. And I’m here trying to find all these things.

Does this not make sense? It’s okay. It doesn’t have to… right now. That’s what this blog is for.

This blog is dedicated to the little dose of madness in all of us. The tiny flame that flares up every time you face a fear, say yes to a challenge, bare a vulnerability, pursue an idea, complete a daunting project, overcome a struggle, or accelerate down an uncertain path because you sense something extraordinary waiting for you on the other side.

Your madness is what makes you unique and what makes you brave.

My madness is what created this blog, which, I’m sure through time will continue to evolve, as I do.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for reading.



“Sometimes I’m doing things considered crazy by others, but then my heart giggles. That’s when I know I’m doing the right thing.” ~ Dodinsky


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your blog πŸ™‚ People always ask me where I find inspiration to blog so much when it’s really all around us! Culture, people, ourselves, our outlook. It’s amazing how people can find so much truth to turn to words.

    1. Thank you!!! πŸ™‚ I hope you’ll stop by again. And it’s true… inspiration is all around us. We just have to pay attention.

      1. Absolutely! Feel free to check out mine and my sources of inspiration

  2. I love reading your blog for its very thought-provoking posts. It makes me stop and think for a moment about where I am in place and time and that everything will be alright. Keep writing and sharing!

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