“Joy” is my word for 2022

It’s a new calendar year and I don’t feel any different than I did a few days ago when it was 2021. However, I do appreciate the energy that a sense of newness brings, and the mental shift that usually accompanies it.

I’m not walking into 2022 with any new year’s resolutions, but I am bringing with me new ideas, hopes and realizations that I hope will make my journey through this year a little more enriching.

I don’t normally do this and maybe it’s more of a mental exercise than an actual commitment, but I’ve decided to create a theme for my 2022, and that theme is joy. I can’t promise that I’ll remember this word in a few months when I’m knee deep in everyday life, but today on this sunny, icy day in January, I feel inspired to set this small intention to look for and create more opportunities for joy in 2022.

The joy doesn’t have to be grand or life-changing. It doesn’t involve things or vacations or parties. The kind of joy I’m talking about is the one that is already present. Present but camouflaged by all the priorities, stressors, mental lists, tasks and general busyness that can drain all your attention. The silent joy that’s waiting for you to notice it.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I want to refocus my attention. Shine a light on those moments that bring color to the narrative of my life. Create more pockets of light so that even more color can shine through.

What you choose to focus on strongly impacts the quality of your life.

I feel like happy is a state we’re all trying desperately to live in, but this is an impossible feat because happiness is an emotion, fleeting like all other emotions. You simply can’t be happy all the time.

But you can be joyful.

Like this pandemic, there will be many, many things (and people) I’ll encounter in life that are going to be outside my control. But those things don’t have to touch or erase my joys.

Underneath the rubble there is always cool earth, and seeds lying dormant waiting to come alive.

In 2022, I want to spend more of my energy finding those seeds and giving them room to grow.


Sitting on my kitchen table with rays of sunshine streaming through my old windows, I see my toddlers sitting across from me, enjoying their breakfasts. We’re feasting like royalty. Berries, toast, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal. Not all at the same time but these are some of our favorite morning meals. There is a song playing in the background. The kettle whistles because my hot water is ready. The temperature outside is frigid but inside we are content, safe. My dog is under the table, sniffing around for scraps. What will we do today? It doesn’t matter. In ten years’ time I won’t remember. What I will remember are these morning moments. This is joy.


Do you have a word for 2022?

Author: Mad Girl Writing

Writer. Thinker. Perspective Seeker. Observer of the extraordinary and mundane.

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