Airport — An Abecedariam Poem

Have you ever heard of, written, or read an Abecedariam poem? The Abecedariam is a poetic form in which the initial letter of the first word in each line follows the order of the alphabet. It’s a fun and challenging form in case you wanted to switch things up and take a stab at something different! Try it out and let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy mine below. 🙂



Automated sliding doors greet stampedes of people pulling

baggage, pushing strollers, clutching purses filled with books,

candy, pens, mp3 players, anything that will keep them busy

during the duration of their time in the sky. Some are beaming,

excited for the vacations they’ve spent years or months saving up

for. Others drag feet, pat tears, cling to hugs, whisper reluctant

goodbyes. Impatient, wiggly children grip their mother’s or father’s

hands, asking question after unanswered question as the parents

intently watch the airline schedules on large, hanging screens.

Jam-packed check-in lines link people of different tongues. They

keep getting longer as the time ticks on, shortening with the slow,

lazy pace of a caterpillar creeping forward. Airport staff watch the

masses, waiting with tired feet for their shifts to end. Tourists,

newlyweds, businessmen and women—every day different faces

of the same types of travelers. The food court swells with

people chewing overpriced premade sandwiches and pizza slices.

Quenching thirst is not necessary as the overhead announcement

reiterates that flight number this or that is ready to board, ready to

slowly turn the plane’s nose towards the runway. Family members

take turns taking last minute airport pictures, laughing, completely

unaware of a gift or souvenir they forgot to pack. The airport’s

veins are the people that never empty out of its walls, that sit and

wait and watch and stand and cringe when asked to remove shoes.

X-ray vision monitors scan bag after bag while the uniformed staff

yawn in their swivel chairs. Embarrassed by her soiled thongs, a girl

zips up her suitcase after a search as eyes pretend not to notice.

Author: Mad Girl Writing

Writer. Thinker. Perspective Seeker. Observer of the extraordinary and mundane.

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